Smooth Program Scheduler

Smooth Program Scheduler 1.0

Schedules tasks for computer programs and processes
1.0 (See all)
XemiComputers Ltd.
Start any program or trigger any system action and command at the desired time by setting up a timer linked to the targeted software in the system. The utility also has additional controls for specific tasks and works with one-time and regular schedules.

This freeware will start any program you want at a scheduled time. It can perform both one-time and recurring tasks. However, there is more to Smooth Program Scheduler than just starting other programs. If some program is enabled with a control interface built under Scheduler's specification, then you will get additional control over that program. Two sound recorders, Claudio and Audio Notes Recorder, represent a good example for that collaboration. If you have one of those recorders on your computer then you will be able to make unattended recordings using Scheduler. In other words you get the opportunity to create a scheduled task that will launch the audio program, start recording from selected sound source, stop the recording at some point later in time and finally exit the program. For all those actions your presence won't be necessary at all.

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